Client Testimonials

I would like to express my deepest gratitude on the affect that your counseling has helped change my life. When I first met with you I was very depressed concerning situations that had happened to me being sexually harassed on my job. I felt very helpless, worthless and also like I had failed myself, family and basically my life. I also couldn't make decisions and didn't work for over a year and one day I looked online for some help in my area and your name came up on the internet as I searched for it and up appeared you. As we had our sessions I felt better and one day during a session it was like a light came on that I was trying to make every one else happy and I was miserable so we went over a exercise for taking back charge of my life and the power of saying NO and that was a pivotal point that I have kept going forward ever since then. I am so grateful for Dr. Sutherland's practice and also I am an example of his hard work results. I now have a position with a company that takes me all over the United States!

- R.C., Kennesaw, GA - 06/01/2020

The session that I had with Dr. Sutherland was very insightful. He was able to explore feelings that I held within myself for years; his proficiency is paramount. I would recommend The Sutherland Center to anyone who is seriously looking to better themselves and improve their over all future.

- O.B., Villa Rica, GA - 06/01/2020

Thank you for the professional, caring services you provide for families in the Metro-Atlanta area. Your invaluable service of counseling, mentoring, prevention, intervention, and educational services provide young people with supportive family structure that encourage them to lead productive lives. Your work with families is priceless. I appreciate your hard work and dedication in conducting workshops and seminars on topics relevant to today's' families needs. I know that your experience and supportive community efforts are valuable in helping the population you serve. I have personally witnessed your work and become inspired to adapt some of your techniques. The benefits of your counseling techniques in working with young people and families has increased their ability to become educated, self sufficient, self determined, and motivated to reach their full potential as boys, girls, men, and women. Dr. Sutherland, your continuous efforts to educate young people regarding social, emotional and physical well-being, encourages them to make better choices. Because of your dedicated and exceptional style of mentoring and counseling, families can developed a sense of security that promotes healthy productive lifestyles.

- V. R., Family Links, CEO - 06/01/2020

Let me take a moment to say how much I appreciate YOU for the example you give not just to the dads, but to the mothers as well, especially single mothers! I knew that you would do a phenomenal job this morning, but I did not expect to be overwhelmed with the emotion and self-reflection that you provided with your words. Thanks for all you do and will continue to do for our community and for our children. You are an outstanding father and should be commended for the job that you're doing with your children. Wish they made more like you…. ?

- S.J., East Point, GA - 06/01/2020

I don't even know where to start with Dr. Sutherland. He did a phenomenal job in offering a presentation that was thought-provoking, heartfelt, personal, and life-changing. The fathers who were in attendance blessed each other with words of encouragement and honest testimonies. I could type on and on about the experience. Dr. Sutherland, you are to be commended for an incredible experience you gave to everyone in attendance. You didn't hold back on your gift, and you planted a true seed today – one that will benefit Paul D. West and the world.

- D.S., Principal - 06/01/2020

I am highly recommending Dr. Sutherland's practice for your counseling needs. Recently, I had the pleasure of learning at Dr. Sutherland's feet due to my own personal crisis. What a powerful and rewarding experience! As a minister, it is difficult to find someone you can confide in because people believe falsely that the minister should be able to handle the congregants' problems as well as his or her own. Unfortunately, numerous ministers have internalized this falsehood for many years because of what they have been taught to believe about the suffering servant model. Jesus came that ministers might have life too! He has equipped ministers all over the world and not just those in the pulpit; to assist his people in overcoming the world through the power of knowledge working in and through his people. Dr. Sutherland's confidential practice informs his clients on how to achieve this through information and the transformation of their minds. Don't fall into the trap of the silent suffering servant model when there is so much healing available to you and yours through the powerful and professional expertise of Dr. Sutherland's wise and godly counsel. I did! Now I'm on the other side looking at where God has allowed me to come from through his mercy, grace and the knowledgeable and sensitive expertise of Dr. Sutherland Jr. The question is "… wilt thou be made whole?" John 5:6 (KJV) … My response – "Yes Lord, I will!" … Contact Dr. Alvin Sutherland Jr. …

- Dr. J. B., Douglasville, GA - 06/01/2020

Thank you for your continued support of ED. We talked more about what happened and how to handle things differently when we got home. He received his consequence well and I pray next week is better. I know my son can be a handful as he's learning to express his emotions, but I wanted to Thank you as I've never seen a counselor that actually cares as much as you do. You're really great at what you do.

- K. N.D., College Park, GA - 06/01/2020

Dr. Sutherland, thank you. I appreciate everything you did for me. You helped me in more ways than you know. I am about half way through this program now and I can see a lot of differences in myself, thanks mainly to you.

- R. R., Douglasville, GA - 06/03/2020

Dr. Sutherland, you are really making a difference in the community. You are knowledgeable and provide effective services.

- D. E., Marietta, GA - 06/03/2019